Co-creation Or How We Prevented World War I

The myth by Christopher Clark that England “sleepwalked” into WW I [1] is put to rest by Helmut Roewer, who has analyzed the pre-war diaries and letters of war instigators Herbert Asquith and Lloyd George (PM and FinMin in 1914) [2].

Roewer b1

Roewer considers Germany’s large merchant fleet the key factor – by 1914 both Hamburg’s HAPAG and Bremen’s Norddeutscher Lloyd became 4 to 5 times bigger than the largest English shipping company [2].

Willy Stöwer: The turbine speedliner Vaterland of HAPAG. 1914

When asked during a presentation however, if an English shareholding of up to 50% in these companies could have prevented the war, he gets defensive and even lauds HAPAG’s closed shareholder structure [3].

Amazing, how traditional attitudes prevail in some people.

What could have been prevented and what achieved if we had had an Anglo-German Co-Creation process in the 1890s?

Co-Creation is an appreciative process of collaboration. It can be used in all creative areas. Co-creation successfully overcomes the emotional impression of separation and fear and replaces it with unity and love.

co-creation 1
More about Co-Creation:

Let’s start a Blitz of the hearts! Let the lobbyists and foreign ministries in London, Berlin, New York, Washington, Beijing and Moscow become global centers of co-creation!

[1] Christopher Clark: The Sleepwalkers: How Europe Went To War In 1914, Penguin, 2013, Amazon

[2] Helmut Roewer: Unterwegs zur Weltherrschaft. Warum England den Ersten Weltkrieg auslöste und Amerika ihn gewann, Zürich, 2016, Amazon

[3] During a book presentation on 23 October 2017


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