Re: Seasons Greetings

Dear Anne,

Thank you for your message and your greetings.

What you are hoping for is not going to happen:
governments that emerge from our established political parties which will solve our problems in a “reasonable” fashion.

Germany and its constitutional bodies have become a “Hippie Nation” (Anthony Glees, 08.09.2015).

This is the fast culmination of our identity crisis which is rampant since  1945.

This is illegitimate because a deeply felt German culture is not our private possession (which we can exchange for something convenient), but it is an important part of the spiritual evolution of the planet.

This part can only be effective if it is carried on in our hearts.
Open yourself up to this:

That is the purpose of our crisis: Identity.

Once our attitude changes, all practical problems will disappear.

This can have many practical manifestations. The Monday demonstrations which led to the overthrow of the SED, are probably not suspect of being Nazi.

Civic breakdowns like the unanimously decided Memorial for Deserters will then be part of a dark, distant past.

Best Regards

Christoph Friedrich


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