Weimar, Ukraine: Treason Is A Master From New York And London

The current Ukraine policy of the US displays similarities to the interference of the Anglo-American oligarchy in the politics of the Weimar Republic.

An influential part of the American upper class has interfered in a destructive manner in the affairs of the Weimar Republic and has later armed the III. Reich .

„Hitler ist ein großer Mann“ (Lloyd George 1936) – „Ein kommunistisches Rußland ist im englischen Interesse“ (Lloyd George, Premierminister, 1918). Bild: East Anglia Film Archive.
„Hitler is a great man“ (Lloyd George 1936) – „A communist Russia is in England’s  national interest“ (Lloyd George, Prime Minister, 1918). Bild: East Anglia Film Archive.
  1. In the 1920s, representatives of the US financial sector have bankrolled the Hitler movement and have thus destabilized the young German democracy early on. New York investment bankers Averell Harriman and Prescott Bush (ancestor of two US presidents) have provided more than 1,000,000 US dollars to the nascent party of Adolf Hitler in the 1920s – at todays value of $ 42.6 million [1] [2]. New York investment banker Clarence Dillon was financier to Fritz Thyssen, Germany’s main sponsor of Adolf Hitler [3]. Thus Thyssen was able to save his Vereinigte Stahlwerke and retain ownership throughout the world economic crisis of 1929 [4].
  2. The Hapag shipping company controlled by Averell Harriman attacked the German government in 1932 when it made a last ditch effort to eliminate Hitler’s SA  – which was equipped with American weapons [5].
  3. Through a joint venture between the Standard Oil Company, New Jersey, USA, and I.G. Farben, Germany later received patents that were crucial to her war effort [6].
  4. This effort was supported by the introduction of an ideology that was also “Made in the USA”. Henry Ford’s anti-Semitic book  “The International Jew” of 1920 was formative for Heinrich Himmler (SS) [7] and Baldur von Schirach (Hitler-Jugend).  The “American Eugenics Society”, founded in 1926, advocated the sterilization of “inferior elements”. Germany’s race ideologues were ferried free of charge to the international Eugenics conferences in the US [8] by Averell Harriman’s Hapag shipping company.

The English upper class was also involved in the betrayal of German democracy after the First World War.

  1. In the 1920s, the Thule Society – forerunner of the Nazi party – was founded by a British agent [9]. Hitler’s book “Mein Kampf” – with the concept of a Germanic empire on Russian soil – was created in collaboration with Karl Haushofer, most likely an agent of the British MI6 [10].
  2. The London Central Bank, then the most powerful financial outfit in the world, has purposefully induced the global economic crisis and the economic collapse of the Weimar democracy [11]. After the Nazi Party, which had previously received no more than 1 out of 3 votes, had been brought to power through secret negotiations led by a British-American-German banker [12], Germany experienced a full blown resumption of economic activity based on a recipe of the National Bank of England [13].

The objective of this intervention by the Anglo-American oligarchy was initially an anti-Russian regime change in Berlin and then a renewed and possibly long-lasting war between Germany and Russia, into which the Western powers would enter when the other parties were exhausted.

The basic condition of the US has not changed since then. The US is not a democracy but is governed today by an oligarchy. This is the result of an extensive scientific study carried out in 2014[14]. The hallmark of oligarchies are indirect influence, selfishness, and betrayal.

Germany was betrayed by the Anglo-American oligarchy after 1918 in order to incite her against Russia for geopolitical reasons. That was painful, because to many Germans after the First World War, the US appeared to be exemplary because of its technical, industrial and social progress. American culture found a lot of German friends. American politics seemed to be far away from European quarrels. Its president had spoken out for bringing the war to an end.

In modern Ukraine, the United States have conspired for many years towards the 2014 overthrow of an elected, moderate government [15] which was replaced by an aggressively anti-Russian Nazi-regime. It is the first time since World War II that politicians who relate directly to the Third Reich, came to power in Europe.

They include:

  1. Andriy Parubiy, secretary of the National Council on Security and Defence, co-founder of the National-Socialist Party of Ukraine (with Oleh Tyahnybok)
  2. Dmytro Yarosh, deputy secretary of the National Security and Defence Council, leader of Stepan Bandera Treezoob and right sector.
  3. Oleksandr Sych, Deputy Prime Minister, member of the party Svoboda.
  4. Ihor Tenyukh, Defense Minister, as well as three other ministers who are also members of the party Svoboda.
  5. Oleh Makhnitsky, Prosecutor General of Ukraine, member of the party Svoboda.

Both in the 1920s and today the US employed duplicitous, conflict-generating policies which include profound meddling in the internal affairs of previously peaceful countries.

In Germany the creeping  regime change that was set in motion after 9/11 has now been accelerated against the backdrop of a sluggish Russia containment. The refugee crisis of 2015 is orchestrated in every detail by the Anglo-American oligarchy [16] [17]. The near term objective is a Euro-Arab regime change in Germany. The long term goal is an unstable, dictatorial continent whose population is structurally incapable of resistance.


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