The Weapon Of Mass Migration And The Angel Of 1813


Spiritually independent man is the enemy number one of Western and ecclesiastical metaphysicists of power. His abolition is the prime objective of the ideology of “diversity” and of the Jesuits. Upheavals of the political setup occur when the masses wake up (Perestroika) or are preoccupied with themselves (9/11).

Since 9/11, a pre-planned gradual Sovietization of the West takes place. With the Patriot Act, the abolition of habeas corpus (NDAA), mass surveillance, torture, and financial dictatorship, the walls of the new GuLag are raised brick by brick. The Soviet system of 1917 – initiated as a multicultural dictatorship – had lost its effectiveness under the onslaught of dissidents and the awakening of national consciousness. It was dissolved in 1989 by Western intelligence services and by subverted parts of the Eastern intelligence establishment. The Soviet peoples were subjected to a drastic materialistic treatment.

Putin is dangerous because he has disempowered the Eastern oligarchy and has refused to re-introduce a dictatorship. A very bad example for Americans and Germans, whose march into a multicultural dictatorship is now accelerated and flanked by millions of “illegals” and “refugees”.

In Germany “Asyl” also is the counterattack of the US dominated MSM (“Lügenpresse”) who have lost the information war on Ukraine in 2014. Pragmatically, mass migration allows US oligarchs to control the Hinterland after the Intermarium has been upgraded militarily to become a new Ostfront (Eastern front). A specifically German symptom is their apparent loss of identity – coming all the way from the Bauhaus building, Mercedes driving affluent citizens of the 50s and 60s to the “Roth-Front” agents of decay of today.


1. The Anglo-Saxon oligarchy was severely traumatized by the rise of the Bismarck empire and the German haughtiness of the time. The oligarchy still lives in a state of tension (experienced by the author in talks with young British and Americans)

2. World War I was a conventional siege prepared by the Anglo-Saxon oligarchy during the preceding decades (Tarpley, Preparata, Steiner)

3. With the acknowledgment of war guilt in 1919, Germany has allowed herself to be intellectually decapitated and was tossed from the stage of world history (Steiner)

4. World War II was initiated in 1917/18 (Preparata, Tarpley, Sutton, Sutton) with the aim of a complete physical annihilation of Central Europe.

5. The Anglo-American oligarchy exercises world domination not by direct coercion but through the control of public opinion (Mohler, Ziesel)

6. The migration weapon of 2015 is guided by two arms of the oligarchy: the CIA-affiliated NGO scene and the City of London (Riseup, Barclays Private Equity)

7. Difficulties are God’s loving instructions for cleaning our character – and this applies to individuals and peoples (Lazarev, Steiner, Christ).

First Part Of The German Uprising

In 2014, the oligarchy and its 5th column in the MSM unexpectedly suffered a crushing defeat.

By uncovering the lies on Ukraine, Germany’s media, the reliable cornerstone of the postwar order, became ineffective over night.

“Published opinion” and their political appendices in Berlin were washed away by the multitude of indignant complaints and appeals  – which occurred of all things during the 100th anniversary of the English war.

In parallel, the Germans have begun to abolish one grand delusion of the post-war regime after the other.

The arrogant reactivation of Nazism against Russia marks the beginning of the end for the oligarchy. Brzezinski’s Kiev coup was one victory too much.

What Was Blazing The Way In Germany In 2014?

Which just angel has guided Germany in the last year?

It was the angel of 1813.

In righteous anger the Germans, who had been tormented and deceived for decades, have finally risen up. They rose up like the East Prussian estates after the speech of Count Yorck in February 1813, and like all Prussia after the call of the King in March 1813th

It was about time.

Because it is one thing to be publicly punished for imperial Germany’s arrogance and for a violent ideology (with Anglo-American origins, as it turns out).

But it is completely different matter if you are then lied to for a further 70 years. It is a completely different matter if you are then forced to collaborate with violent Galician offenders (driven by old imported demons) against Russia and to play the daredevil jumping jack again for the oligarchs. It is a completely different matter to willfully hurt the tormented Russian soul.

With their outburst of 2014, the Germans have not only achieved within a year what seemed impossible for 70 years. Rather, they have reversed the tables for all to see: the roles of 1919 are now reversed.

The alleged victims are the perpetrators. The Anglo-American oligarchy are the jealous, perverted, murderous relatives who put to the sword all those who stand in the way of their lust for power and their greed.

“The German question is open and for the US it will decide the next 20 years”.

Clearly stated by the good, old, honest George Friedman in 2015 in Chicago. So it looks pretty bad for the oligarchy.

For the Angel of 1813 is the Angel Of Righteousness.

With the Angel Of 1813, Germany has reported back to history. This angel does not want a controlling Germany, but it wants a Central Europe, which strives for truth, beauty, and goodness. It wants the evolution of the human soul to continue. This will not happen with the petrified materialist or degenerate animal movements coming from the increasingly dictatorial West. This will only be possible with a Central Europe enjoying intellectual freedom.

2014 offers an overwhelming chance for Germany to return to its core. Historically this point is located before the Wilhelmine Empire with its material ambition and the displacement of original German culture by the Prussian state hagiography.

If post-Napoleonic Germany had solved its social question, as suggested by Goethe, the German power state would not have been required. That Bismarck did not however undertake a single step without his banker Bleichroeder – whose international partners knew the oligarchic psyche very well – increases our suspicion regarding the construction of 1871  (because it looks like a planned accident).

Importantly: Bismarck is not Germany. Kaiser Wilhelm is not Germany. Novalis, Goethe, Fichte, Hegel, Kant, Yorck, and Steiner are Germany.

Consequences Of 2014

The de facto repeal of the lie of Versailles in 2014 could not remain without an answer. The migration weapon and the European financial warfare in the summer of 2015 were designed to move the Germans back to the place of evil, a place assigned to them by the oligarchy 100 years ago. And of course, all migrants will receive a German passport, the right to vote, and Germany’s washed-up NATO media will get all the “xenophobic” attacks from the Constitutional “Protection” Agency (Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz) that they can feature.

This is what Central Europe’s best representative had to say about it 200 years ago:

Even from stones that are a placed in your way, you can build something beautiful (Goethe)

The Angel Of Righteousness, and the Angel Of Freedom are saying today:

Only from stones which are a placed in your way, you can build something beautiful.

Germany’s bourgeois do-gooders of 2015 still resonate with the convenience of patronization of 1919 and 1945. Their indignation against disturbance of the peace is reminiscent of mentally sluggish slaves who defend their fat old masters. The time of convenience is over however and these poor souls have not yet discovered themselves.


The Angel Of Freedom and the Angel Of Righteousness are invincible. The rapid advances and changes since 2014 are proof positive.

The little bit of power in Berlin, we will take in passing.

The little bit of military alliance with Russia and China will be added on the same day.

The oligarchy will offer us a well-prepared financial crisis and a dictatorship.

This offer will the Germans will refuse.

Arrogance and spiritual paralysis are diseases of the Anglo-American empire. The secular outrage of millions of children murdered and abused in the West does not belong to us.

We are with the mentally and materially suffering people of the West. We are with the talented people of the West, whose skills we acknowledge and with whom we want to build a sustainable and just world.

We do not need the financial soufflé.

We want to be rich on our own.
We want to be free on our own.
We want a long friendship with Russia, which is also rich and free on its own.
We want a long friendship with the West, which is rich and free on its own.


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