The Weapon Of Mass Migration And The Angel Of 1813


Spiritually independent man is the enemy number one of Western and ecclesiastical metaphysicists of power. His abolition is the prime objective of the ideology of “diversity” and of the Jesuits. Upheavals of the political setup occur when the masses wake up (Perestroika) or are preoccupied with themselves (9/11). Continue reading The Weapon Of Mass Migration And The Angel Of 1813


General Yorck And The Beauty Of Military Disobedience In View Of Diplomatic Incompetence

On December 30, 1812 – the French army is in retreat   Lieutenant General Yorck, commander of the Prussian auxiliary corps in the Franco-Russian war, signs a truce with Russian General Diebitsch.

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Federal Republic of Germany Deposits Document For Resigning From NATO with US State Department

Berlin, 12/30/2020 (Tauroggen).  The Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in the United States, Dr. von Seydlitz has yesterday deposited the document for the resignation of the Federal Republic of Germany from the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation in accordance with § 13 of the Treaty of 4.4.1949 with the US State Department. This was explained today by the spokesman of the Foreign Ministry, Dr. von Bülow, at the Federal Press Conference in Berlin.

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